Wiping Drugs Out Of Our Businesses, Homes, and Schools!
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… of awareness.  Have you ever searched for the proverbial needle in a
haystack?  In truth, that is what most current Drug-Free Workplace (DFW)
policies achieve.  A general assessment will provide you with a complete
picture of your organization’s exposure to risk, identifying “hot spots”.  For
the first time, you can target your resources more efficiently and modify
DFW policies to maximize effectiveness, in terms of both drug abuse and

… of deterrence.  Until now, employers have pinned their best hopes for
deterring employee drug use on pre-employment screening and periodic
random drug testing.  Most drug abusers are willing to risk their
employment because of the random nature of being selected.  Those who
are trafficking in illegal narcotics have absolutely nothing to fear from this
method.  However, invisible narcotic residue left on surfaces of employer-
owned equipment is easily detected using the patented DrugWipe
biosensor technology.  Drug users or traffickers can no longer conceal
their illicit activity.  Incorporating IDS assessments into your Drug-Free
Workplace Policy will make it clear to your personnel that any illegal drug
activity will be quickly revealed and dealt with.

… of sensitivity.    The double-edged sword of drug testing is sensitivity.  
Too sensitive and the unfortunate employee exposed to second-hand
marijuana smoke at a concert or party could be falsely accused of drug
use; not sensitive enough and unless an employee is a heavy user of
illegal narcotics, they can avoid detection.  DrugWipe technology has
been tuned with precision down to the nanogram level (billionths of a
gram).  Low end back-ground noise will not create a false-positive test
result.  Conversely, a drug user whose system contains trace elements of
illegal narcotics will not produce a false-negative test result.

… of reliability.  Before allowing our technology to be used by US law
enforcement agencies, DrugWipe devices were put through rigorous
testing.  The Office of National Drug Control Policy published results of
these tests, certifying DrugWipe surface assessments as 100% reliable.  
US Customs and DEA agents have even used DrugWipe assessments to
detect the presence of illegal narcotics that were overlooked by drug-
sniffing dogs.  Because of its reliability, DrugWipe is considered evidence-
grade technology.

… of immediacy.  Time is money.  Traditional drug testing takes time…
too much time.  Then there are issues of sample splitting and chain-of-
custody, etc., all of which mean a loss of valuable time.  Using DrugWipe,
a surface assessment sample can be gathered and results known on the
spot.  Typically you’ll know in 2 to 5 minutes if traces of illegal narcotics
are present on the surfaces being analyzed.  Productivity suffers when
antiquated policy requires employees be pulled off the job for random
screening without reasonable suspicion or probable cause.

… of security.  When drug activity is present within an organization
security is compromised.  Capital assets are at risk, intellectual assets are
at risk, personnel are at risk, and so are client relationships – every
aspect of your business is vulnerable.  An IDS assessment program will
help you maximize the effectiveness of your drug-free workplace policy
and protect your facilities, equipment, staff, and reputation.

… of safety.  The effects of workplace accidents can be catastrophic and
far-reaching.  The repercussions take a human as well as a financial toll,
but preventable injuries attributed to drug activity should not be tolerated.  
Individuals who use drugs exhibit reduced concentration levels and
reaction speeds – often for hours or even days.  The key to preventing
drug-related workplace accidents and injuries is to quickly identify and
focus resources where they will be most effective.  IDS provides the
unique ability to do just that – by conducting a workplace assessment,
employers can take a comprehensive, proactive approach to accident
prevention and deterrence.

… of assurance.  How can you be sure at any give time that your
company’s DFW policy is helping manage exposure to liability and control
losses that affect your bottom-line?  Find out if you have a problem –
  • A General Assessment Program (GAP) will provide you with a clear
    picture of your organization’s current level of risk.  You now know
    what problems you’re up against.

  • A Detailed Assessment Program (DAP) can then be used to
    establish more localized data.  By increasing the intensity of testing
    a DAP narrows the scope of illegal activity to a small set of
    employees and/or a specific location.  Resources can be focused
    more effectively.

  • A Recurring Assessment Program (RAP) provides continuous
    monitoring of an organization’s facilities at specified intervals in
    random locations to highlight changes in activity and provide a more
    thorough level of deterrence than typical invasive testing.  Deter
    future illegal activity.

… of responsibility.   Responsible employees are trustworthy,
dependable, and conscientious.  Fostering this type of work ethic is the
responsibility of both the employer and employee.  Employees involved in
illegal narcotic activity exhibit irresponsible behavior by exposing
colleagues to unnecessary safety and security risks. Diminished
productivity and increases in absenteeism have significant affects on
morale which, among other things, can compel quality personnel to seek
employment elsewhere.  Organizations that maintain a proactive effort to
deter workplace drug abuse enjoy distinct advantages in hiring and
retaining quality personnel – reducing turnover and insuring a safer
environment in which to work.

… of integrity.  The integrity of your Drug-Free Workplace policy, in
essence, determines the degree to which the mission of your organization
can be fulfilled.  IDS services enhance your ability to achieve your mission
- to raise the bar.  Require a higher standard for your comprehensive
Drug-Free Workplace policy.
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