Wiping Drugs Out Of Our Businesses, Homes, and Schools!
3/26/2007      Press Release:  Integrity Detection System's New Partnership Implements
                   Revolutionary Technology to Secure Drug-Free Workplaces

3/20/2007      St. Charles Journal:  "Give Your Home a Drug Test"

3/11/2007      KEZK Radio Interview:  
Up Close with Jim Cox  

12/20/2006    St. Clair Journal:  "
Drug Residue Testing at LHS Raises Concerns"

   St. Louis Post-Dispatch:  "Drug Testing Yields Surprising Results in Lebanon"

11/28/2006    KSDK Video:  "Illinois School Tests New Drug Detection Technology"

03/01/2006    St. Louis Small Business Monthly article

02/08/2006    The School Drug Testing Debate

11/15/2005    A New Tool in the War on Drugs

10/5/2005      Press Release:  New St. Louis Based Company Helps Employers Wipe Away         
Drug Use
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