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Impact of Drug Abuse/Trafficking in the Workplace
Impact of Illegal Drug Use on the U.S. Economy
The cost of drug abuse to the U.S. economy is estimated to be $60 Billion annually.

Illegal Drug Use in the Workforce
8% to 10% of full-time workers in the U.S. use illegal drugs.

Workplace Accidents
Every day 16 workers die on the job and more than 14,000 experience an injury or
illness.  Drug using employees are 3 times more likely to be involved in workplace
accidents and 5 times more likely to file worker compensation claims.  Employers
experience a 51% drop in workplace injury rates when drug users are identified.

Higher Workers’ Comp Costs
38% - 50% of all workers’ comp claims are related to substance abuse.

Workplace Theft
80% of drug users steal from their workplaces to support their drug use.

Workplace Violence
Workplace violence and work-related motor vehicle accidents now account for more
than 40% of workplace fatalities.  Substance abuse is the third leading cause of
workplace violence.

Higher Medical Costs
Substance abusers are 3 times more likely to use medical benefits than other

Employee Absenteeism
Drug users are absent from the workplace an average of 5 days per month due to
drug use.

Less Productivity
While at work, substance abusers are 33% less productive and cost their employers
an average of $7,000 annually.

Employer Liability at Risk
By ignoring workplace drug abuse, managers, executives, and company physicians
can be in violation of their fiduciary duties and held responsible for accidents caused
by drugs.

Sources: National Institute on Drug Abuse, the American Council for Drug Education, Cornell University - Effects of
Drug Use in the Workplace, National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
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