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General Assessment:  The first step in establishing a drug-free workplace program.  
A GAP tests surfaces common to the employees for contamination by abusers or
traffickers.  It is designed to give a clear picture of the drug-use and drug trafficking
exposures on a facility basis.

Detailed Assessment:  Used when the General Assessment has indicated illegal drug
activity in a specific location as a means to establish more localized data.  A Detailed
Assessment provides increased intensity of testing - - localizing the illegal activity to a
small set of employees or specific location.

Recurring Assessment:  Conducted as a follow-up to the General or Detailed
Assessment.  Recurring assessments are conducted by certified technicians at
recurring intervals in random locations to highlight any change in activities and provide
a heightened level of deterrence.

PinPoint Assessment:  Conducted when an individual or a specific set of employees
are suspected of conducting illegal drug activity in the workplace or as a post accident
investigation test to confirm drug use or clear an employee of suspicion of
impairment.  A PinPoint Assessment is also conducted by a certified technician.

Audit Assessment:  Monitor your ongoing drug testing programs to validate that
your current program is working and there is no trafficking.

Training:  Have company employees trained on the use of DrugWipe technology so
your company can conduct assessments internally.
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