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Two men, Jon and Norm, both go out fishing one beautiful early
summer's morning.  They each go out on the same lake, using the same
model boat, the same type of fishing rod, and even prefer the same
Bucktail Jig to lure the bass in.

Around lunchtime, they both return to shore.  As they’re cleaning up,
Jon proudly shows Norm the 2 medium sized bass he caught that
morning.  Norm just smiles and nods.  Curious about how Norm made
out, Jon peeks into Norm's boat.  
He’s shocked!  Inside are 9 bass,
each larger than the two Jon had managed to hook!

How was Norm so much more successful than John?  Norm's little
is that his boat is equipped with a Hawkeye® Fish Finder sonar
device.  It lets him see exactly where the fish are and, just as important,
where they aren’t.  This dramatically tilts the odds of landing a lot of fish
in Norm's favor.  
Better information = Better results.  

So what does this have to do with drug testing?

Jon’s approach relies on a lot of chance and luck.  You throw your line
in the water and hope you catch some fish.  Sometimes you do,
sometimes you don’t.  
And more importantly, you don’t know what you
may be missing.
 Is your bait passing in front of a 14 pound behemoth
bass or just through water and weeds with no fish to be found?

That’s the way many try to address drug activity in a business,
home, or school.  
You do some drug testing, maybe offer some drug
education programs, and then hope.  

You hope you find those who are using or trafficking drugs.  You hope
users don’t beat the drug tests.  You hope the drug education program
delivers the right message to the right group.  You hope your teenager
is making smart choices.

Like Jon, maybe you get lucky here and there.  Maybe not.  
And like
Jon, you don't know what you may be missing.   
Are there drug
users or traffickers evading detection?  If so, they are putting both
themselves, and others in a business, home, or school setting at serious

Norm, on the other hand, takes a decidedly different, and
remarkably effective approach.  
WATER, Norm knows exactly where the fish are.
 He doesn’t waste
time spinning his wheels (or reel, in this case) for no reason
when there are no fish around.  

That’s precisely the approach those using
DrugWipe take to
dealing with the serious problems of drug use and trafficking.
DrugWipe detects invisible narcotic residue that drug users and
traffickers leave on the surfaces they touch (phones, computers, cars,
MP3 players, hard hats, etc.)  This reveals critical information about
potential drug problems in a business, home, or school.  

That way
BEFORE you resort to drug testing, initiate a new drug
education program, or intervene in the life of a teenager suspected of
using drugs, you have a clear picture of the situation.  
DrugWipe can
show you IF drug activity is going on, WHERE it’s going on, and
WHAT types of drugs are being used.
 Instead of casting the random
net and hoping, you can effectively target the problem areas and take
the appropriate action(s).  
Better information = Better Results.

Get Better Results With DrugWipe:

  • No need for random, suspicionless-based tests
  • Portable, field-reliable test - no need to send to a lab
  • Tamper proof results - no issues of substitution or
  • Non-invasive and sanitary
  • Detects Cocaine, Cannabis, Opiates, and Amphetamines
  • Legally defensible results in under 5 minutes
  • Proven technology used successfully by law enforcement
    for over a decade

We offer a range of
products and services, so whether you are:

  • a parent worried about drug use by your teen;
  • a business owner looking for a more effective way to prevent
 or investigate drug use and/or trafficking by employees;

you have too much at risk to rely on chance and hope when
dealing with drug use and trafficking.

Contact us now for more information on how our
solutions can help you better deal with drug use or
trafficking in your business, home, or school. . .

Call Bill or Adam at (314) 882-6000 or
email us (info@integritydetection.com).
CLICK HERE to contact us or sign up
and receive information about our
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CLICK HERE to contact us or sign up
and receive information about our
special offers and announcements!

Quickly determine if your home
or apartment is contaminated
by meth.
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Now you can find out if
your teen is using drugs
BEFORE you confront them.  
IDS has the ultimate solution
to this dilemma!

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